Jiangnan Metabolism: Short Films

Adam Brillhart (Photographer)

Research output: Practice-based research outputExhibition/ Event/ FestivalCurated works: Physical Exhibition/ Event/ Festival


The films exhibited act as a portrait of the modern Chinese village: a portrait not only of building types but of a lifestyle in transition, reflecting on the diverse social reality in three urban neighborhoods in the Shuangta area: Zhonglou Tou, Shizi Jie and Luosi Bang.

These urban villages are particularly interesting given the diversity of building types and residents as well as the layers of history which have resulted from varied ownership and engagement of multiple stakeholders in the urbanization process.

The films share a common view that such diversity is ecologically and socially necessary to the health and quality of urban life. Highlighting the livelihoods in memories and present day, the films seek to reveal spatial content of social patterns, and social content of spatial patterns.

It is hoped that the field research can inform new urban models which build upon the precious history and social diversity already existing in these neighborhoods.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 22 Mar 2023


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