The design, fabrication and performance enhancement mechanism of triboeletric nanogenerators based on electrospun fiber membrance

  • Liu, Yina (PI)
  • Zhao, Chun (Team member)
  • Wen, Zhen (Team member)
  • Zhang, Hao (Team member)
  • Chen, Xiaoping (Team member)
  • Xie, Lingjie (Team member)
  • Lu, Bohan (Team member)
  • Lei, Hao (Team member)
  • Gao, Zhenqiu (Team member)
  • Xie, Xinkai (Team member)

Project: Governmental Research Project

Project Details

Project Title (In Chinese)


Fund Amount (RMB)

Project CategoryKey Laboratory-Open Project: None
Effective start/end date1/11/2231/10/24


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