Me and ACGN Characters: Human-to-nonhuman digital intimacy

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ACGN (Anime, Comic, Game, Novel) holds significant popularity among young people due to its diverse and immersive storytelling, vibrant visuals, and the ability to explore complex themes and characters that resonate with youthful audiences. This project investigates the dynamics of intimacy between human audiences/gamers and nonhuman ACGN characters, exploring its formation, enrichment, mediation, and engagement. Intimacy is viewed as a multifaceted aspect of public life, stimulated by digital interactions yet grounded in reality, transcending privacy and individuality. Positioned within debates on global digital intimacy, the research expands beyond human connections to encompass societal implications such as communication and identity formation, influenced by socio-cultural contexts. By exploring digital intimacy comprehensively, the study contributes to understanding the complexities of digital interactions and societal impacts, offering implications for understanding and navigating the complexities of modern social dynamics.
Project CategorySURF
Effective start/end date17/06/2431/08/24

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