'Vase For Peace' - 20 minutes performance ( 8 glass Vases, 1 ceramic Vase & Artist) @ Art Central Hong Kong 2024

Kimvi Nguyen (Performer)

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What is Peace?
Peace is Fragile.
Peace as a concept.

"VASE for PEACE" is a captivating live performance that provides a unique perspective on the multifaceted concept of peace. It is a thought-provoking exploration of peace that delves deep into its essence, examining it as a complex and delicate idea that requires constant attention and effort. The performance offers a holistic view of peace, not just as the absence of conflict but as a state of tranquillity and harmony that permeates all aspects of our lives. Peace is a fragile concept, and the performance beautifully illustrates how it can be quickly shattered if not given the proper care and attention. The performer uses the symbolism of the vase as a metaphor for peace, drawing on its fragility, materiality, and beauty qualities.

The Chinese word for "peace" is 平和 (píng hé) or 和平 (hé píng), and the word for "vase" is 花瓶 (huā píng). The partial phonetic similarity gave rise to the title "VASE for PEACE." The vase is not just a mere decorative object but a work of art embodying form, function, and beauty. The performance creatively uses the vases as a canvas for artistic expression, reflecting the time's aesthetics, technologies, and philosophies. Vases have symbolic meanings, tell stories, and serve as a medium for artists to comment on social, political, and personal issues.

The performance uses the vase's symbolic meaning to convey the essence of peace, inviting the audience to see peace as a work of art that requires ongoing attention and care. The performance employs a simple but powerful gesture of lying down on the vases to activate the space and create a visual and poetic language that reimagines how peace can be expressed physically. The performer provide a compelling representation of the tension between fragility and strength, stillness, and movement, inviting the audience to contemplate the fragility of peace and the constant attention and effort required to maintain it. The performance "VASE for PEACE" is a beautiful and compelling representation of peace. It is a call to action for us to be mindful of our role in nurturing peace and recognise this delicate concept's significance in our lives.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2024
EventArt Central Hong Kong 2024 - Art Central, Hong Kong , China
Duration: 28 Mar 202429 Mar 2024


  • Peace
  • performance art


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