Role-Playing Games And Narrative Architecture In Design Methods - A Systematic Review

Ziyue Zeng, Davide Lombardi, Theodoros Dounas

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This paper reviews existing research on the teaching of
narrative architectural design and the creation of role-playing games
(RPGs), with an interdisciplinary connection between them. The paper
conducts a systematic review and analysis of 27 academic papers. These
articles are selected from the academic database "Connected Papers"
using the keywords "narrative architecture, architectural design
teaching, narrative story, RPG creation." This database employs natural
language processing technology to analyze the links and influencing
factors among articles in different disciplines. We then performed a key
review of a selection of 5 papers addressing the interdisciplinary
application between architectural design teaching and RPG creation.
The key papers content includes a discussion of the problems and
solutions in the creation methods of narrative architecture and RPGs,
aiming to crystalize the defects and advantages of both approaches. Our
findings summarize the process of materializing narrative content in
two different creative industries, discussing the challenges they face and
the existing solutions. Drawing from the narrative architectural design teaching effects and RPG creation results presented in the literature, this
paper summarizes the advantages of both practices. This allows us to
provide a summary of the current industry progress and identify
possible research gaps based on the present status of interdisciplinary
applications between the two.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationASCAAD 2023 - Computation, Culture, and Context
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2023


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