Professional Academics: Transitioning from Industry to University (working title).

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Recognizing the current generation of students and their learning styles is a must. According to a number of academic works Gen Z is the generation with the greatest range of backgrounds in modern American history. More alerting is that its members are conscious of inclusiveness in terms of color, ethnicity, and gender identity. With on-demand virtual services readily available on mobile devices, today's students also seek out convenient resources for tutoring, job development, and mental wellness. They prioritize comfort above support. New academicians must realize that they will require transparency, and as a result, this generation does not prefer abstract instructional methods. A constructivist teaching method must be employed so students can interact with their instructors rather than being lectured to as in past generations. Emphasizing the fact that academics must concentrate on leading exciting lessons suited to student's requirements. More importantly, give honest, constructive feedback while evaluating students.

Original languageEnglish
JournalA Field Guide to HE for Professional Academics: Transitioning from Industry to University
Publication statusSubmitted - Aug 2023


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