Kowloon Walled city, a Social Urban Analysis through Pictures and Drawings.

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The proposal analyses the space of Kowloon's walled city through photographs and drawings. The images by Ian Lambot and Greg Girard and the illustrations by Kazumi Terasawa demonstrate a chaotic urban configuration from a social and ethnographic perspective, emphasising the idea of community as a fundamental aspect in the development of this labyrinthine vertical slum narrative. Lambot and Girard, fascinated by this urban space, portray a place that, despite its shortcomings, manages to conceive the city as a mega-organic entity that adapts spatially and socially to the changing needs of users. The photographs collect the daily life of this place recording the actions of the inhabitants in direct relation to the urban configuration. Their work serves as both an urban and social document that facilitates understanding of the place. Additionally, Kazumi Terasawa’s drawings reflect the disposition of private and public space. The illustrations depict the relationship between the living and working areas, showcasing the various activities developed within the tiny blocks comprising this unique city. The general depiction and the illustrated details demonstrate evidence of concepts related to high density and the dissolution of boundaries between public and private. The drawings provide a narrative that explores novel forms of use and occupation, guiding the viewer to discern the interplay between spatial performance and social life. By means of observation and analysis, both approaches explore the social and architectural aspects that provide insights and reflections on Kowloon's spatial development.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationHERITAGES: Past and Present – Built and Social
Subtitle of host publicationAmps Proceedings
Publication statusSubmitted - Aug 2023
EventAMPS Heritages

: Past and Present - Built and Social
- Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic
Duration: 28 Jun 20231 Jul 2023


ConferenceAMPS Heritages

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