Composition for the Infinite Scroll #4

Garrett Lynch IRL (Photographer)

Research output: Practice-based research outputArtefact


Compositions for the Infinite Scroll (2024) is a series of site-specific network-generated works for the web that employ the infinite scroll format of social media websites, weblogs and e-commerce websites. The format is not employed in the typical way as an automated means of accessing a stream of content, such as user updates, posts or products that are each unique or distinct, and is intended to be user-friendly by minimising interaction and increasing user engagement. Instead, Compositions for the Infinite Scroll utilises a user’s scrolling action to create its content of random compositions on the fly.

Each version of Compositions for the Infinite Scroll explores various ideas of vertical panoramas, endless myrioramas, parallax scrolling, movement, combinations, colour, form, abstraction and juxtaposition. Each composition created as part of each version is a generative artwork that forms part of a series created as the user scrolls. The series is unique to each user’s visit, not repeated or stored and potentially infinitely long, only ending when the user stops scrolling or the browser runs out of memory.
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2024


  • generative art
  • networked art
  • browser art
  • infinite scroll
  • abstraction
  • site-specific


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