AI teacher escape room: An interactive activity demonstrating AI for practical classroom use

Charlotte Briggs (Photographer), Sam Doran (Photographer), Chengcheng Li (Photographer)

Research output: Practice-based research outputExhibition/ Event/ FestivalCurated works: Physical Exhibition/ Event/ Festival


The workshop is based on an article and research paper to be published this year on the topic of emerging AI technology use for materials preparation in the language classroom. It will begin with a brief review of current literature focussing on the pitfalls and benefits of AI technology for teachers, including a brief interactive activity to encourage participants to collaboratively reflect on and discuss their own knowledge and practice. The main part of the workshop will see participants in groups use XIPU AI to complete a set of materials preparation tasks in the context of a digital escape room by generating a text, comprehension questions, a warmer activity and AI constructed images, and then assessing the quality and usability of these materials for their own practice. The tasks will highlight not only how teachers can utilise AI for materials creation, but also how it could be used in a gamified context with students in the classroom. The workshop will showcase the capabilities of XJTLU’s own newly-created artificial intelligence platform, XIPU AI. The digital escape room will also demonstrate H5P interactive materials and how AI can be used to create and embellish blended learning environments in classrooms of the future.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherCentre for Educational Innovation and Excellence, Learning Mall, XJTLU
Publication statusIn preparation - 2024


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