The Resilient Vertical Farm

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The current state of climate change obligates the educational sector to take serious actions about how we have to deliver sustainability knowledge to design students and, through them, to society. This project is essentially an outdoor edible vegetable farm system to be designed with a team of PG & UG students using mostly waste materials from the Design School departments. The project has three phases: 1. Garden Scaffolding System Design and Construction. 2. Planting, Nurturing and Harvesting. 3. Design and construct solar kitchens to cook the collected harvest. The central innovation aspects of my project are understanding, designing, nurturing, and collective experience. 1. learning how to plant and select seeds based on resilient edible plants that are more resistant to climate change. 2. Learning to design and build with a 'Sustainable Low Cost-Low Impact' mindset. 3. The collective experience of slow cooking contributes to social bonding and demonstrates the possibilities of resilience design as an emerging discipline, and most importantly, it steps out from individualism and empowers the human team. The team management format is also a strong aspect of the innovation. I propose using a 'Horizontal hierarchy' (also known as horizontal organization or flat hierarchy), an organizational structure with few or no middle management levels between staff and managers. This management of the teamwork will be based on knowledge gained through research; thus, the team members can scale different levels of management in the project's development based on how much they know of each step of the design process.

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Effective start/end date20/02/2420/12/24


  • seeding, planting, resilience, vertical, farm, farming, organic, indoor, LED


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