The platform improvement on Suzhou Municipal Key Lab (New Energy and Environmental Protection Technique): new solar cells and Li batteries based on graphene

  • Xue, Fei (PI)
  • Zhao, Cezhou (Team member)
  • Yang, Li (Team member)
  • Lim, Eng Gee (Team member)
  • Wen, Huiqing (Team member)
  • Zhao, Chun (Team member)
  • Liu, Wen (Team member)
  • Lam, Sang (Team member)
  • Zhang, Jinling (Team member)
  • Zhai, Yujia (Team member)
  • Kong, Fanhua (Team member)
  • Qi, Yanfei (Team member)
  • Xin, Han (Team member)
  • Wang, Ruiyao (Team member)
  • Ji, Tong (Team member)
  • Benjamin, Moncef (Team member)
  • Cheng, Ying (Team member)
  • 吴胜利 (Team member)
  • 贺永宁 (Team member)
  • C., Yung (Team member)
  • Nichols, Richard (Team member)
  • Yan, Joseph (Team member)
  • Simon, Jeremy (Team member)
  • R., Paul (Team member)
  • Taylor, Steve (Team member)
  • Spencer, Joseph (Team member)
  • 刘立伟 (Team member)
  • 李尹庆 (Team member)
  • 孙伟 (Team member)

Project: Governmental Research Project

Project Details

Project Title (In Chinese)


Fund Amount (RMB)

Project CategorySIP Construction of High-quality Innovation Platform: Key Platform -Promotion
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/18


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