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YRobot has developed the first exoskeletal ‘muscle armor’ product, that enhance the wearer’s mobility with intelligent robotics technology and product frameworks. This lightweight and smart product development predicts the wearers movement then provides coordinated support and muscle assistance in real time. Current applications are within the health sector for more accurate rehabilitation and training during recovery.

Now the Company is interested to further develop innovative human supporting products that apply for Yrobot intelligent robotics and integrated prediction technology systems, for specific market opportunities within health-care product markets, and other related consumer and business markets.

• Design development of YRobot current Muscle-Armor products and service applications for hospitals and general health-care markets.
• Consumer ‘wearables’ product concepts for YRobot Muscle-Armor technologies
• Sports training applications for Yrobot intelligent systems

• This will be a Research and Development Project within the Experience and Interaction Lab and scheduled within the Postgraduate Project Module “Body, Space and Machine” during Semester 2
Effective start/end date4/03/2431/08/24

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