Revolutionizing Healthcare: Forecasting the Market Size of Wearable Medical Devices in the Big Data-Driven New Health Economy

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This study aims to investigate the impact of user acceptance on the wearable medical device market. Digital health has become increasingly important in addressing public health crises, and wearable medical devices have emerged as a key tool in disease prevention and healthcare. Despite this, research in the field is
limited, with most studies only examining the potential applications and benefits of wearable devices without providing quantifiable results.
To fill this gap, the present study will employ the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Social Penetration Theory (SPT) to evaluate user acceptance of wearable medical devices. A questionnaire data analysis will also be conducted to assess user acceptance. Finally, the study will forecast the market size of wearable medical devices to provide a reference for investment decisions in medical technology companies. It is hoped that this study will provide valuable insights into the wearable medical device market, enabling future improvements.

Key findings

The construction of a quantitative model for the wearable medical device industry influences corporate choices and increase market competitiveness..
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