Research on influencing factors of user loyalty and improving mechanism of service quality on knowledge payment platform

  • Jin, Xiaopu (PI)
  • Bi, Xin (Team member)
  • Yang, Liping (Team member)
  • Teng, Chao (Team member)
  • Dong, Jingjing (Team member)
  • Wei, Xiaoying (Team member)
  • Wang, Jun (Team member)
  • Xu, Fang (Team member)
  • Ouyang, Chunping (Team member)

Project: Governmental Research Project

Project Details

Project Title (In Chinese)


Fund Amount (RMB)

Project CategoryHumanities and Social Science Program of Ministry of Education of PRC (MoE): Young Scientists Fund
Effective start/end date1/05/2031/12/22


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