High efficient GaN-on-Si Power Device and its application

  • Liu, Wen (PI)
  • Wen, Huiqing (Team member)
  • 赵策洲 (Team member)
  • 宋晰 (Team member)
  • 钱洪途 (Team member)
  • 赵树峰 (Team member)
  • 蔡宇韬 (Team member)
  • 崔苗 (Team member)
  • 李昂 (Team member)
  • 朱昱豪 (Team member)
  • 王洋 (Team member)
  • 张元雷 (Team member)
  • 梁烨 (Team member)

Project: Internal Research Project

Project Details

Project Title (In Chinese)


Fund Amount (RMB)

Project CategoryKSF-Technology Transfer Programme
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/22


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