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Heaven is a Circle is a narrative jewellery project which draws inspiration fro
m the symbolism of jade disks in Chinese culture. The project explores Jean Baudrillard’s idea of simulacra and the shifting nature of objects as they move from functional to symbolic. It also embraces notions of redundancy. The visual language of the jewellery pieces is designed to provoke questions about the value of intangible symbols and materials relative to certain cultural contexts. In some pieces, the jade disk is replaced with a circular type-writer eraser, which challenges the viewer to consider how they derive emotional attachment and engagement from a designed form.

The project is on-going and is intended to be continuous. Some existing work, a collection of twenty pieces of silver, jade and rubber jewellery, was shown as part of a tutor show, Design as Process, at Design Shanghai, June 2023. I have made applications (and am awaiting confirmation) to exhibit this work at two jury selected shows: “Jewellery and Adornment: the Nature of Imperfection”( Society of Arts and Crafts/Online Gallery) and “I Don’t Shine: I have something to say. ” (Venice).

Key findings

The value of heritage in the design process
Hybridity of visual language
The meaning of symbols across time
Testing of published conceptual frameworks
Project CategoryDesign Project
Effective start/end date1/11/221/10/24


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