Exploring the mechanism of chromium poisoning in solid oxide fuel /electrolyzer cells (SOFC/SOEC) and its impact on the electrochemical properties of inorganic materials

  • Konysheva, Elena (PI)
  • Wu, Jianfang (Team member)
  • 侯雨杉 (Team member)

Project: Governmental Research Project

Project Details

Project Title (In Chinese)

研究固体氧化物燃料电池和固体氧化物电解池 (SOFC/SOEC)中的铬毒化机理及其对于无机材料电化学性能的影响

Fund Amount (RMB)

Project CategoryJiangsu Science and Technology Programme: Fundamental Research Plan (Natural Science Foundation) - General Programme
Effective start/end date1/07/1530/06/18


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