Design and Optimization of Integrated Smart PV Module for Building integrated PV systems

  • Wen, Huiqing (PI)
  • Lim, Eng Gee (Team member)
  • Kim, Moon Keun (Team member)
  • Xin, Han (Team member)
  • 张林 (Team member)
  • 周彦昌 (Team member)
  • 杨勇 (Team member)
  • 张金玲 (Team member)
  • 杜阳 (Team member)
  • 李星硕 (Team member)
  • 石昊晨 (Team member)
  • 楚冠英 (Team member)
  • 卜庆雷 (Team member)

Project: Internal Research Project

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Project CategoryKSF-Applied Technology Research Programme
Effective start/end date1/07/1830/06/21