An Ecosystemic Approach To Transforming Higher Education: Theory and Practice of XJTLU 3.0 Education Model

Project: Internal Research Project

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RMB 58,000


Higher education institutions (HEIs) have begun recognizing their need to engage more fully with a range of stakeholders both inside and outside their institutions to address wider societal needs and issues. XJTLU is moving to create what it calls the XJTLU 3.0 Ecosystem Education Model (hereinafter referred to as ‘the 3.0 Model’), which involves a deep investment in creating and leveraging educational ecosystems to the benefit of students, educational institutions, industry, and the wider community. the 3.0 Model is a new initiative for the University, and is a key aspect of the institution’s stated strategic aims to be leaders in educational innovation and improvement, analysis of current practices related to the 3.0 Model are needed. This research project will utilize both qualitative and quantitative approaches to gather data on current learning, teaching, research, and engagement practices related to the 3.0 Model across four (4) Academies. This data will then be analyzed to identify patterns, best practices, opportunities for further development, and concerns to be addressed if the 3.0 Model is to be successful. This analysis will then be used to improve practices at XJTLU, build a theoretical model to underpin the concept of educational ecosystems, create outputs to share with interested parties (including other educational institutions), and begin or further dialogue in the higher education space about the concepts and applications of educational ecosystems.
Effective start/end date1/02/2431/12/24


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