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Yuchen Wu

Research Engagement Officer

Personal profile

Personal profile

和谐管理研究中心助理研究员于2021年加入和谐管理研究中心担任助理研究员,于2021年获得伯明翰大学经济学硕士学位。目前的主要工作职责为协助和谐管理理论研究,以及支持和谐管理研究中心的日常运营。主要的工作内容包括收集研究数据、协助撰写研究报告;支持中心运营、准备相关活动策划等。Yuchen Wu achieved her Master’s degree of Economics from the University of Birmingham in 2021. She joined HeXie Management Research Centre in 2021 as a Research Associate. The main responsibilities are to assist in theoretical research on HeXie management and to support the operation of the HeXie Management Centre. The main job content includes collecting research data and assisting in writing reports, supporting daily operations and planning for related activities.

Research interests

Field: Digital transformation 

Topics: Drivers and pathways of digital transformation, technology application in digital transformation, management changes, case studies of digital transformation in home appliance enterprises 

Motivation: Comprehensive evaluation of the overall effects and long-term impacts of digital transformation, importance for developing effective transformation strategies

Future plans: Case studies of digital transformation in the Chinese home appliance industry and the electric vehicle industry

Person Types

  • Staff