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Sandro Rolla

Associate Professor of Practice

Personal profile

Personal profile

Sandro Rolla graduated in Architecture, cum laude, with Giancarlo De Carlo at the University of Genoa.After some local experiences, he joined Balkrishana V. Doshi (2018 Pritzker Prize) in his office, Sangath, in Ahmedabad (India), where he joined the design team working on social housing township development and school projects.The idea of merging different cultural approaches in Architecture began during the International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design (ILAUD), where he met and discussed with architects like Peter Smithson, Per Olaf Field, Doshi, worked with Donlyn Lyndon and Giancarlo de Carlo as well.Since 1992 he founded ARSarchitects, his practice studio in Milan, dealing with architectural and urban design with special care given to architecture, the environment and landscape. Some of his projects have been commended.Teaching at various Universities has been the perfect complement to his research. In 2000 he began academic teaching activity in Switzerland at the Accademia di Architettura of Mendrisio. After seven years, he moved to the Politecnico di Milano, coordinating regular courses as Adjunct Professor.He did workshops on Urban Landscapes at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou (China), and in 2018 he got a full-time position at Xian Jiaotong Liverpool University in Suzhou (China).For Sandro, integration has different meanings: cultural, intellectual, ethical and practical. Such concepts inform his life and work as an Architect.

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