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Rebeca Muñoz Valero

Language Lecturer

Personal profile

Personal profile

Rebeca Muñoz Valero works as a language lecturer at the Spanish Division of the School of Languages (SoL) of Xian Jiatong-Liverpool University (XJTLU), currently teaching modules SPA001 and SPA002. Holds a PhD in Arts Humanities, a BA in Spanish Studies, a MA in Advanced Linguistic Studies, a MA in Teaching Spanish Language Literature and its experienced in esperiential learning activities as well as teaching ELE (Spanish as a second language). Her research interests focus mainly on Sociolinguistics and include language attitudes, language stigmatization, covert prestige and bi-dialectalism (dialect vs standart language) and second language acqusition.

Research interests

Covert prestige

Language stigmatization

Spanish Studies

Language death / Dialect death

Language market theory

Language standarization

Bi-dialectalism (especially standard variety vs dialect)

Second Language Teaching/Acquisition

Language attitudes (e.g. language attitudes towards standard and non-standard varieties, second language acquisition, accents, sociolects, dialects, bilingual territories’ language policy)

Language prestige


Teacher of Spanish Language Literature and Spanish as a second language at ELIS Villamartín (Spain)

Lecturer in Spanish at the UK off-campus Bader College (Queen’s University, Canada)

Field Studies Assistant at the UK off-campus Bader College (Queen’s University, Canada)

Teacher of Spanish as a second language at Königin (Spain)

Education/Academic qualification

PhD in Arts & Humanities: Historic & Synchronous Linguistics (International Doctorate with cum laude) at the Universidad de Murcia (University of Murcia), Spain (2019)

Diploma in Teaching Business Spanish: Health, diplomacy & business at the Universidad de Cantabria (University of Cantabria) in collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes, Spain (2017)

Master´s degree in Teaching Spanish Language & Literature at the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia), Spain (2016)

Master´s degree in Advanced Linguistic Studies (distinction) at the Universidad de Murcia (University of Murcia), Spain (2012)

5-year-Bachelor degree in Spanish Studies: Spanish Language, Linguistics & Hispanic Literature at the Universidad de Granada (University of Granada), Spain (2011)


  • PC Romance languages
  • Spanish linguistics & Sociolingistics

Person Types

  • Staff


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