Untold Gardens, presentation of landscape design practice in the arid areas, a case of city of Dubai, UAE

Activity: Talk or presentationPresentation at conference/workshop/seminar


Untold Gardens is a vision that attempts to present an authentic design to the demands of landscape and garden within the fast-growing developments of private housing in the city of Dubai, UAE. Since 2019, the vision has formed several gardens. The concept has environmental, aesthetic, and functional goals in design. Environmentally, it highlights the necessity of creating stable equilibrium in the built environments, stressing water preservation and promoting Indigenous plantation. The aesthetic approach portrays the grace of vernacular elements in the context of the desert, including native plants and local materials. The functional goal intends to create a pleasing exterior space for the day-to-day experience of its users with attention to their various cultural backgrounds. The vision is an adaptation from reading the history of gardens in different regions and reflects the cultural role of the garden as an artifact representing the interaction of humans and nature.
Period23 Nov 2022
Held atDepartment of Architecture


  • sustainability
  • landscape design
  • enviromental awareness