Tyvek material to promote brand and packaging design

Activity: SupervisionMaster Dissertation Supervision


The project elaborated and analyzed Tyvek - a material created by Dupont company , and used this material to create a separate brand: "T-Lab" with a series of packaging. The purpose of this project is to create a quarterly brand and packaging under the global epidemic environment in 2020, and try to using the method of graphic design to visualize the characteristics of Tyvek materials in packaging design. The author advances the project through research methods such as literature analysis and case studies, user scenarios and user research. At the same time, the author analyzed the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the brand, and analyzed the shortcomings of the final design and the future development direction of the brand. The content of this project includes branding, packaging, products, visual identity, clothing, video, poster layout and photograph.
Period24 Feb 20201 Jan 2021
ExamineeHaoting Hu
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