The second International Conference for Chinese Young Probability Scholars

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In order to promote exchange and cooperation between young Chinese probability scholars around the world, discuss how to enhance international status of young Chinese probability scholars, and encourage and help young domestic students interested in probability theory to go more successful on the road of further study, we hold this conference.
This (offline + online) conference focuses on universality in probability theory and statistical physics, which is one of the most fascinating central themes in the current study of probability theory. For instance, universalities in probability theory and statistical physics include universality of critical exponents in phase transition and critical phenomena, KPZ equation and KPZ universality class; and more generally, scaling limit of (critical) probability models only depending on some large scale quantity or geometry properties, and some probability behaviour holding for a large class of spaces or related/unrelated probability models. And these universalities are scattered among many important and frontier areas of probability theory.
This conference hopes to show universality in probability theory and statistical physics to Chinese young probability scholars as panoramic as possible, although it is difficult even impossible to achieve this goal.
Period29 Apr 20231 May 2023
Event typeConference
LocationXiangtan, ChinaShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational