The Nomadic Map

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The session involves nine participants. It takes the form of a performative conversation presenting diverse approaches to the idea of nomadic mapping with openings for audience interaction. A choreography of layered fragments serves to create the nomadic map.

If, conventionally, the map is an image that supports the construction of absolute and unchangeable territories, to preserve life the map has to be reinvented. It has to integrate de-territorializing practices and become nomadic. The nomadic map will act as an ‘image’ only to some extent. It will be performative, not static. Always suggestive, it will be oriented towards desired pluralistic futures. It will be ‘gesture’ rather than ‘image’ as representation exists to become dynamic presentation.

Stanislav Lem’s character, the inventive professor Tarantoga, developed for one of his expeditions a device called the ‘Peregrinator’: an apparatus for space travel by way of which the traveller does not move, but rather bends the surrounding space into the 4th dimension. Similarly, Polynesian islanders on their travels between the remote archipelagos of the infinite Pacific Ocean, are said to have regarded their ships as ‘places outside of space and time’. Astronauts quite literally step off the planet’s surface and at speeds of 27.000 kilometres per hour orbit the Earth for many months at a time, experiencing a minute yet measurable relativistic shift and thus arriving back on Earth some milliseconds younger.

This is to say that those who travel engage with space and time differently, while the nomad, a traveller by nature, navigates the world not with maps but by stories and the stars. As such, the nomadic map will be the anthropo-cosmo-technology that situates nomads and civilians in a play of resistance and tension and objects the territory to a process of continuous re-invention through temporary intersubjectivities.
Period24 Sept 2022
Event titleThe Nomadic Image, the Seventh Transdisciplinary Conference on Imaging at the Intersections of Art, Science, and Culture
Event typeConference
LocationNaryn, KyrgyzstanShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational