SURF2023085: Education-led Urban Regeneration

Activity: SupervisionCompleted SURF Project


Inspired by the idea of ‘we shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us’, this research-by-design project aims to explore the prototype of future learning centres that can facilitate the further regeneration of inner-city areas through an urban acupuncture approach. Based on a real project located in the south fringe of Gusu District, the interdisciplinary SURF team needs to: 1) provide a vision for future learning space; 2) conduct site analysis to define the opportunities and constrains of the target area from a whole lifecycle perspective; 3) design the prototype of future learning centres (within the 5-10-15 minutes living cycle of LanYuanFangHua Cultural and Creative Park); 4) test the prototypes via interviews (in a VR environment or alike) and reveal insight that can redefine the problem/questions. It is expected that some findings would provide an insight into future learning society and benefit to the sustainable regeneration of Suzhou.
Degree of RecognitionLocal


  • Urban regeneration
  • Sustainability
  • Ageing friendly