Superpower-enhanced Immersive Data Visualization and Exploration

Activity: SupervisionCompleted SURF Project


Spatial data exploration has become a significant research topic in the field of Big Data and Visualization. Yet, working in three dimensions is particularly challenging since many 3D datasets are dense, and relevant features of the data are often occluded or not yet defined. Fictional narratives in superhero comics and science fiction have articulated long featured characters with superpowers that allow them to see and envision invisible phenomena and support them to accomplish impossible missions. Willett [1] explored the potential for superpowers to serve as a source of inspiration for visualization. For instance, superpowers support wielders to see through occlusions (Superman’s x-ray vision), while AR technology supports to display occluded objects directly in the person’s physical surroundings. This project aims to motivate students to find inspiration from fictional narratives and encourage creative and divergent thinking about new technologies.
PeriodJul 2022Aug 2022
Degree of RecognitionLocal