Research on Design Strategies of Public Communication Spaces in Vertical Communities

Activity: SupervisionMaster Dissertation Supervision


As an alternative to horizontal land consumption, high-rise buildings effectively accommodate the rapidly growing urban population and have become a primary approach to reconciling the contradiction between residents and land. With the rise of urbanization in China, urban population density is also rapidly rising, and high-rise buildings, as an approach to alleviating the problem of reduced urban land resources, have begun to be used in new residential designs. At the same time, the lifestyles of today’s urban residents are constantly changing, and the traditional community model no longer meets the living demands of the high-rise building model. By conducting research on historical level, this thesis involves classical vertical community projects abroad, analysing design strategies of public communication spaces in vertical community. In addition, the thesis will classify and study the types and organizational methods of public communication spaces that shown in the case, exploring the impact of different space design strategies on public communication space. On this basis, China's vertical community cases will be discussed in this research, and the presentation of foreign vertical community design strategies in Chinese cases will be analysed, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.
PeriodJul 2022