Research of LED Display Screen in Media Façade of Commercial Architecture in China

Activity: SupervisionMaster Dissertation Supervision


Commercial building as an essential part of China's urban space continues to evolve with urbanisation. In the current information transformation, commercial buildings are influenced by emerging media such as the Internet and video, resulting in a media-oriented trend in the architectural facade. Although the wide application of LED display media façades reflects the current situation of Chinese commercial buildings, the existing literature lacks a systematic overview of this excessive application. In addition, the diversified trend of commercial building media facades in the global environment has not been reflected in China's commercial buildings in the past ten years. Therefore, this thesis selects three newly built commercial complexes in Shanghai to study. An evaluation model is conducted based on LED media installations in selected commercial building practices and their attractiveness to surrounding consumers. In addition, an online questionnaire was used to obtain consumers' thoughts on the retail experience in commercial buildings. Based on the analysis results of LED media installations and consumer responses, current commercial building media displays in China rarely consider artistry and interactivity and fail to leave from purely commercial advertising status. Consumers expect a new retail space that integrates digital and physical interactive LED media in the future.
PeriodJul 2022