Re-Usable Shipping Boxes for Online Shopping

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Nowadays, there are some problems in the express transportation of online
shopping, such as packaging cannot be recycled and over packaging. The government has taken actions to solve this problem, but the measures taken by various express companies do not affect. The reason is the lack of systematic management and ignoring the user's pain points. Based on the Chinese increasingly mature mode of sharing economy, this paper provides an idea to change the express industry's traditional packaging system. The traditional express packaging requires a layer of plastic bags or paper boxes on the product's existing packaging to facilitate the courier to paste the express bill. This kind of packaging is disposable, which leads to a waste of social resources. Therefore, re-usable shipping boxes and a new application
can help solve this problem. This paper shows the research and design process on the shape and function of re-usable shipping boxes.
Period24 Feb 20201 Jan 2021
ExamineeLingbo Wu
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  • Sharing Economy
  • Express Industry
  • Reuse
  • Environment Friendly