#NewMacy Studio in Sympoiesis (RSD12)

  • Westermann, C. (Speaker)
  • Ioannis Bardakos (Speaker)
  • Eryk Salvaggio (Speaker)
  • Jude Lombardi (Speaker)
  • Laurence Dale (Larry) Richards (Speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentationPresentation at conference/workshop/seminar


#NewMacy Studio in Sympoiesis

Sympoiesis, a term coined by Beth Dempster and further developed by Donna Haraway, works as a conceptual remedy against misappropriations of autopoiesis. Replacing the prefix auto- with syn- emphasizes interdependence. Sympoiesis, one could say, is what the concept of autopoiesis needs to become when the observation moves from the molecular domain to the domain of living beings. Sympoiesis emphasizes the interdependence of living beings and other living beings, environments, things, concepts, and ideas.

As Larry Richards has outlined, the making of something new—the process of poiesis—requires the suspension of synchronicity. In our Studio, asynchronicity will create the necessary condition for engendering the collision of two distinct phenomenal and logical domains—the domain of relations and the domain of dynamics—and affirm sympoiesis as a cybernetic concept. The #NewMacy Studio in Sympoiesis will be an exercise in the suspension of clock time.
Period6 Oct 2023
Event titleRelating Systems Thinking and Design, 2023, RSD12, Pittsburgh Hub, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Event typeConference
LocationPittsburgh, United StatesShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • second-order Cybernetics
  • sympoiesis
  • autopoiesis
  • anticommunication
  • asynchronicity