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Dear Colleagues,

The development of biosensors has reached a critical stage in fighting the current crisis in public healthcare, food, water, and environmental safety. A biosensor with rapid, sensitive, reliable performance and low cost will be a game-changer in real-world applications. As is well known, there are three main components in biosensors, including (1) a bioreceptor (e.g., cells, antibody, protein, aptamer); (2) a transducer (e.g., electrochemical, optical, sound waves); and (3) readout electronics (signal processor, amplifiers). These play very important roles in biosensor fabrication.

This Special Issue is dedicated to advanced biosensors for various kinds of chemical or biological molecules detection. We invite papers that cover, but are not limited to, these topics:

Biosensor design and fabrication;
Existing sensing technology for new molecules detection;
Theoretical study regarding sensing mechanism ;
Novel bioreceptor or sensing mateials design, fabrication and synthesis;
Novel and existing materials-based biosensors;
Microfluidic-based biosensors and chemical sensors.
Dr. Jin Wang
Dr. Qiuchen Dong
Guest Editors
Period25 Aug 202230 Apr 2023
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  • immunosensors
  • enzyme
  • protein
  • peptide
  • DNA/RNA aptamer
  • electrochemical biosensors
  • optical biosensors
  • lab-on-chip devices
  • sensing materials
  • computational design