Gaining Global Perspectives through Stories

Activity: SupervisionCompleted SURF Project


At a Sino-Foreign University, students face many challenges related to cultural differences in their new learning environment. Such challenges as learning shock, language barrier, and cultural differences between students and staff have been well noted by the field of research on transnational education (Ma, Li, and Gu, 2019). However, the initiatives to support Chinese students' adjustments to a Sino-Foreign university lack research and support. A study by Fang, Chen, and Elyas (2020) found that a global perspective positively correlates with second language learners' willingness to communicate in English. By testing Darly Deardorff's (2020) story circles in both its original form and an asynchronous form, we can measure if students' intercultural competence, which is rooted in developing the attitudes, knowledge, and skills needed for a global perspective can be further developed to support their adjustment to the transnational education landscape.
Period17 Jun 202428 Aug 2024
Degree of RecognitionLocal