Frederick J. Kiesler’s Film Guild Cinema

Activity: Talk or presentationPresentation at conference/workshop/seminar


Friedrich J. Kiesler (1890-1965), known as visionary architect, scenic designer, environmental artist, sculptor, writer, poet and philosopher, has been working inter-disciplines and far ahead of his own time. His crossover among various medias has dissolved rigid disciplinary boundaries, challenged the conventional way of thinking.

Film Guild Cinema, Kiesler’s first and almost only built building triggered the question whether Kiesler was an “Outside or Inside Film Fighter”? Taking architecture as departure point, the thesis is seeking merging point between architecture and cinema within Film Guild Cinema – a space where architecture enlighten cinema, a place where cinema enlighten architecture, and an arena where architecture and cinema mutually affect each other.
Period18 Mar 201524 Mar 2015
Held atXXII International Film Studies Conference – Film Forum, Udine University at Gorizia


  • Frederick J. Kiesler
  • Film Guild Cinema