Applications of Traditional Mortise-Tenon Joint Structure in Contemporary Furniture

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Mortise and tenon joints, as a connection structure to realize the combination of various components, play an extremely important role in the structural design of traditional furniture. This article sorts out the basic types, characteristics and functions of traditional mortise and tenon structures, as well as the studies of materials and styles in contemporary furniture design. Try to apply the mortise and tenon structure in contemporary furniture design, especially modern modular furniture design. The characteristics of the mortise and tenon structure will bring new design ideas to the design of modular furniture. The whole design process of this project follows the double-diamond model, based on literature reading and market case analysis, exploration and experimentation of modeling as well as sketching, and a series of rapid model making. The final concept based on user testing and material research and exploration. The final model is a proportional physical model.
Period24 Feb 20201 Jan 2021
ExamineeYifan Sun
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  • Mortise-tenon structure
  • Contemporary Furniture
  • Furniture design