Re-weaving Shuangta 織夢雙塔 at 'Exploring Shuangta – Heritage and Community'

Claudia Westermann*, Siqi Deng, Zijian Qin, Huanyue Gao, Sirui Wang, Yuecheng Yao

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Practice-based research outputDigital, Visual or Audio-visual Creative WorkOriginal creative work: Visual art work


Re-weaving Shuangta i織夢雙塔 was a temporary participatory installation in public space, part of the exhibition of the Design School Workshop 'Exploring the Histories of Shuangta – Heritage and Community', organised by Dr. Dong Yiping and Dr. Wang Yiwen, July 4-21, 2021.

"The things above the sky, the things below the earth, and the things between the earth and the sky, as well as all those things people here refer to as past, present, and future—on what, Yajnavalkya, are all these woven back and forth?" He replied: "[…] —on space, Gargi, are all these woven back and forth." "On what, then, is space woven back and forth?” (Speech of Gargi Vacaknavi, from Brhadaranyaka Upanisad, ~700 BCE)

“The pattern (hua) evens what is uneven and reconciles what is not adjusted. Therefore the pattern can be the Director (zheng). Now the realization (wu zhe) [of the pattern] is the means by which you rule tendrils and align cords (chi wu yu mo).” (Speech of Jing Jiang, from Lienü zhuan by Liu Xiang, ~32 8 BCE)

Gargi Vacaknavi, in ancient India, was weaving the questions of life in a forum in which no women were normally permitted to speak. Jing Jiang, in ancient China, referred to weaving when she instructed her son Gongfu Wenbo on the art of government. The metaphor of weaving — ancient literature tells us — is a means for gaining agency.

Re-weaving Shuangta looks at the potentialities of weaving as a spatial practice. We have collected stories from the Shuangta community — on its social life and what it means to live with heritage. The work installed in the park close to the Twin Pagodas is woven with diverse sticks, strings and strips, integrating the collected stories, as well as image and audio materials. Open for participation, the residents may add new stories.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 4 Jul 2021
EventExploring the Histories of Shuangta - Heritage and Community - Shuangta district, Suzhou, China
Duration: 7 Jul 202121 Jul 2021


  • art installation
  • public art
  • participatory design
  • temporary
  • educational project


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