The Vertical Farm

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Seeding Workshop. “Development of Vertical Farm”
To celebrate Earth day (week), Design School will hold a special event “Development of Vertical Farm” at the ES atrium on this Friday, 22nd of April 11-2 pm. The Sustainability Steering Group of Design School will be in charge.
The current state of climate change obligates the educational sector to take serious actions about how we have to deliver sustainability knowledge to design students and, through them, to society. This project is essentially an outdoor edible vegetable farm system to be designed with a volunteer students and staff. The construction is made using mostly waste materials from the Design School (Bamboo, Wire, Pallets) departments and the delivery food carriers bags, in order to highlight the importance of reusing materials and the potential of those to create new ecological approaches to design. It is also key to mention that this is a project to raise awareness of the impact of food waste and delivery food. The central innovation aspects of this project are Understanding, Designing, Nurturing and Collective Experience.
A. learning how to plant and select seeds based on resilient edible plants more resistant to climate change.
B. Learning to design and build with a 'Sustainable Low Cost-Low Impact' mindset.
C. The collective experience of slow cooking which contributes to social bonding and demonstrates the possibilities of resilience design as an emerging discipline, and most importantly, it steps out from individualism and empowers the human team.
Period26 Apr 2024
Event typeOther